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Pharmacy Market Research

Market share Dashboard Introduction This case study shows deep dive analytics and insights from the healthcare industry, using IMS data. A big pharmaceutical company wants to analyze the data volume and generate measurable economic value from it. Use case The … Read More

Retail Sales Dashboard

Sales Analysis Introduction This application contains sales data for a mid-sized retail company, that can be optimized for sales managers and individual reps. It is based on the sales database, and includes a high-level dashboard, product, region, and customer focused … Read More

Predictive Maintenance

Proactively address rundown time source and hence costs “ Malfunctions and equipment failure lead to downtime. Downtime leads to loss. We need a functional early warning system to address this .” Clients’ pain-point Client need Our Client needs enhanced attitude … Read More

Market Basket Analysis

Understand customer purchase behavior and take dedicated actions “ Common sense tells us which products go well together but we do not have a structured set of rules to enhance our marketing efforts with .” Clients’ request Client need Our … Read More

Advertising Budget Optimizaiton Tool

Spend your advertising budget in the channels with highest sales contribution “We have the budget and we know that our spending makes a difference… but which are the most effective advertising channels to spend our dollar to and stay further … Read More

Credit risk behavioral PD

Hello everybody – we do hope this article finds you well. Now that some of the loan applications were rejected but others passed the bar successfully (check out our article on Application PD scoring) what does that mean to you? … Read More

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