Spend your advertising budget in the channels with highest sales contribution

“We have the budget and we know that our spending makes a difference… but which are the most effective advertising channels to spend our dollar to and stay further competitive ?”
Clients’ request

Client need

Our clients need to know where to spend their “next dollar” to. They know some of the channels are working better in terms of advertising spend ROI but do not know what the optimal mix is. Should they increase the budget somewhere, or decrease elsewhere?


Optimization task that takes into account the specifics of the channel, their adstocking and allocation constraints.


Data-driven strategy enabling the maximization of ROI by allocating advertising budget to the channel with the highest contribution to the overall impactable sales.


  • Transparent and flexible solution;
  • Channel-oriented attitude;
  • Optimal budget choice per channel;
  • Opportunity to make cautious focused steps in budget allocation and see impact.