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Credit risk behavioral PD

Hello everybody – we do hope this article finds you well. Now that some of the loan applications were rejected but others passed the bar successfully (check out our article on Application PD scoring) what does that mean to you? … Read More

Finance and Fintech – industry-holistic advanced analytics attitude

Hello everybody – we do hope this article finds you well.Advanced analytics solutions can significantly improve your bottom line but you really are making a difference when these are integrated into a holistic strategy.Let’s have a peek over into our pipeline for analytics applications in the financial industry so that we better represent what we mean by holistic strategy. Below is a generic diagram that is not intended to be exhaustive and is drawn from our experience especially with companies with retail credit risk exposure… Read More

Turn data into knowledge leveraging visual and analytical intelligence

Dear community. We apologize for keeping you waiting – it’s been a long time since our last article.To be honest – we apologize but we are not sorry. We are not sorry because we spent the last couple of months being even more focused than ever on organizing a plan how to be of best service to YOU – our followers and the business.It has been a very productive beginning of 2019 with a stress on actions rather than simply ideas.… Read More

Promotional Effectiveness

Meeting one of our partners yesterday, we reached again the stage of discussing the importance of building customer-centric demand-driven machine learning solutions.In this era of Data Science, Data Mining, Machine learning and AI hype only the added value is what makes a difference… well… and of course the ability to present the complex algorithms into comprehensible information that the business can actually relate to.… Read More

Handling multilevel features

Data science tasks are an iterative process – there’s no smooth upward monotonous path of getting from the business problem to the solution and automation. We believe we all have experienced that.… Read More

Churn prediction and management

Losing a customer is a painful and almost impossible to eliminate globally event.That being said it does not mean that it’s not a manageable one on a portfolio level.Experience shows that efforts to retain a customer are 5-6x cheaper than to attract a new one. This means: advantage should be taken as much as possible from the application of the former option.… Read More