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Core team meeting in Munich: Q1FY19

The beautiful city of Munich welcomed our core team for a very positive and productive Kick- Off meeting of 2019. Our focus was on the future: opportunities, company organization, customer satisfaction and lines of services and products.… Read More

Churn prediction

Proactive targeted campaign for retention and loyalty “Our clients are only using our product short-term. We have a credit-line and want to increase the utilization period.” Client’s CEO Client need Our client – a credit card issuer operating in the … Read More

Client profiling

Group customers alike and boost CRM efforts “Our customers evolve. We need to have a solution that addresses that in a timely manner.” Partner in our Client’s company Client need A growth strategy experts company experiences that their customers base … Read More

Promotional effectiveness

Structured knowledge of what drives sales volume “We are spending big money on promotional activities but who knows what the result is and whether we should continue doing this. Especially in this competitive environment. “ The Client Client need Our … Read More

Application PD Scoring

Automate and manage credit risk applications decision “Our past experience is one to learn from – we distributed a lot of money where at points most of them were not collectable at all. The line between profit and loss is … Read More

Behavioral PD scoring

Gauge the risk of current portfolio and recognize up-sale opportunities “We grew too quickly. Now we do not have the human resources to manage our customers development and risk. ” Client’s CEO Client needOur client – a non-banking financial institution … Read More

Cryptocurrency portfolio

Personalized crypto trading system “We need customer-centric approach for people’s finance management that gives non-professional traders trusted opportunity to invest and gain profit. “ The Client Client need Our Client needs to have a platform which provides an automated way … Read More

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