Nikolay Nikolov

Head of Data Science
Analytics Manager with 10 years of being dedicated to help the business make strategic and day-to-day decisions leveraging data
  • Solid experience as a head of data science team where he was responsible for both Project and People managment and development;
  • Extensive hands-on knowledge in the financial domain built by working for a leader in the advanced analytics services – Experian;
  • Well acquainted with Best Practices for credit risk scorecard development – both bespoke and generic;
  • Worked and developed the scoring models and credit risk strategies for the top market holders in the non-banking financial institutions industry in Bulgaria;
  • Experience with international clients from Germany, Italy, South Africa, Singapore, Greece, Romania, Poland, Ukrain, etc;
  • Developed the new acquisition credit risk stragy operating as a senior risk analyst for the UniCredit Consumer Financing unit in Germany.