Automate and manage credit risk applications decision

“Our past experience is one to learn from – we distributed a lot of money where at points most of them were not collectable at all. The line between profit and loss is very thin.”
Client’s CEO

Client need

Our client – a non-banking financial institution in Eastern Europe – is not new in the industry. Changing their strategy or letting “loose” on sales has often resulted in significant amount of bed customers, hence loss. Now they want to adapt acquisition approach that manages the application process as early as possible both within customer and company life-cycles.


A bespoke application probability of default scoring model was developed. This, along with hard and soft policy rules, was integrated into the application decision CRM.


A full application risk profile was achieved with the scoring solution. The model created met both accuracy and interpretability expectations so that the business was able to integrate it easily and gather further knowledge from the analytical journey. 

The model:

  • Good discriminative performance;
  • Enriched and reliable customer’s profile.

Application decision strategy:

  • Based on the scorecard;
  • Considering financial metrics for complete dimensionality of the business expectations;

  • Integrated along with other acquision strategies.


  • Transparent and flexible solution;

  • Manageable and traceable decision procedure;

  • Overall manageable bad rate while minimizing rejected good customers;

  • Can be used as suggestion for Maximum Offer.